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I have been practising the art of Wing Chun at the Kung Fu Studio for the past 4yrs.

I have found Si Fu Paul & Si Fu Di to be fantastic mentors and great Wing Chun practitioners to learn from.

During this period I have made new friendships through the school and with time they have become my second family.

Under Si Fu Paul & Si Fu Di’s guidance and support, my training & skill set has evolved, with enhanced fitness, weight loss, confidence, determination, tolerance & focus, not just within the art but in home & work life also.

 Thanks, Sal Vecchio


Sifu's Paul and Di Maclaine are not only exceptional instructors, but really good people.  They provide a systematic approach to self defense in a very welcoming environment...where everyone feels safe.  I think of my brothers and sisters at the Studio as my Kung Fu Family.


My wife and I joined over 2 years ago and have never looked back since our first day, sometimes you just know something is right for you. For us the Kung Fu Studio, provides an all round experience from HIT fitness, self-defence, co-ordination through to traditional societal traditions such as discipline, respect & family.

 Sifu Paul & Di are a true testament to the art, from both a physical & mental aspect. They provide a friendly, approachable and patient atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity to train with highly skilled practitioners, at a pace you feel comfortable with.

 We look forward to many more years of training hard with our Kung Fu family.


I have been studying and training Kung Fu with Sifu Paul and Di for over 2 years now at Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio. Their extensive experience and dedication to the art is humbling. They have an abundance of patience when sharing their knowledge and skill with their pupils,  earning a high level of respect from all involved. Kung Fu is a way of life for me and I feel that at Kung Fu Studio under the guidance of Sifu Paul and Dianne,  I'm in my second home.

Regards, Robert Pum.


Highly recommend the kung fu studio here. Both Sifu's (teachers) are very knowledgable, but also very nice an easy to talk to. If you looking to learn an art or even just curious. You should come along to a class. You won't regret it!


After training at another school the atmosphere and standard of training was exemplary. My 10 year old son now trains here now and looks forward to training each week. Respect ��


Hi Si-Fu and Si-Mo

Firstly, I would like to say THANK YOU for the last three years.  In the three years I have been training with you, I have experienced the following advantages

  • I am fitter and stronger now
  • I have lost my ledge, or about 20kg around my waist
  • I have more energy
  • Training is enjoyable
  • Training provides stress relief
  • Wing Chun is an efficient, effective and practical martial art

I look forward to continuing my training with you both in the future.


Highly recommend Sifu Paul and Sifu Di, if your on the Northside of Brisbane, they are both great instructor’s.


Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio is an AWESOME place to learn Wing Chun, train & get fit! Sifu Paul & Sifu Di are great people and have a wonderful attitude to teaching & training. Everyone is treated with respect, well looked after and encouraged to train hard. The senior students are friendly and always willing to help & challenge! The classes are well structured and I love being able to build on a specific technique or skill set over a week.


Exactly what you want from a martial art. No gimmicks, no pretenders; straight to the point and realistic self-defence. Excellent for fitness and technique, and fantastic instructors.


The Best Around Awsome!!!


About training in Wing Chun Kung Fu by Olivia (age 11)

My name is Olivia and I believe martial arts and in particular Wing Chun Kung Fu, could help you.

Wing Chun Kung Fu teaches you courtesy; respect; self confidence and most importantly non violent behaviour.  I believe you should do martial arts because of the ability to learn self defence to protect yourself.  It also teaches you self discipline, an important trait we all need.

Wing Chun Kung Fu classes are always very supportive, so there’s no teasing, no one puts anyone else down, and everyone’s accomplishments are applauded.  So what are you waiting for, if you want to have self defence, become fitter, have more confidence and find that you are ready to take on the big world out there.


One of the best school's I have been to. The way theses guys teach Wingchun technique is wonderful very happy here :)


What Wing-Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Paul & SiFu Dianne Maclaine has done for me and my thoughts for would be practitioners.

Since I starting at the Kung Fu Studio training under Sifu Paul and Sifu Dianne Maclaine I have come to realise and learn many things about myself and many things about life. It is my belief that happiness in all aspects of our lives is our own personal responsibility. However in saying that I also believe you need the right tools at hand in order to achieve true happiness.   Wing-Chun Kung fu has given me those tools.  

I personally lost over 40kg in 9 months and my speed, strength and general fitness were far beyond what anyone who knew me ever imagined possible. I have learnt patience, tolerance, compassion and understanding. I have tangibly learnt the value of commitment and friendship while seeing what can be achieved through dedication and the encouragement of others.


Hi Si-fu Paul and Si-fu Dianne, 

I would like to thank you both very much, for starting me with my Wing Chun journey.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.  It has been alot of fun, and you are both great teachers.  The studio has a great atmosphere, that just makes you want to come and train See you both sincerly Heath.


Hi my Name is Paul I'm 40 years old.  I started learning kung Fu only six weeks ago.  I've wanted to for a long time.  I have always put it off.  In this short period of time I have lost 6.5kgs.  I'm not so tired, I'm happier training Kung Fu puts a smile on my face.  I am beginning to have a new out look on life a confident and positive one . The people are friendly and Sifu Paul and Sifu Di are great . I wish I did this sooner.  I can not wait to see how I feel in a years time Paul.

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