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Wing Chun Kung Fu Assessment Dates 2017

January - Completed.

February - Completed.

March - Completed.

April - Completed.

May - Completed.

June - Completed.

June - Completed

July -Saturday - Completed.

September - Completed.

September - Completed.

September - Completed

October - Completed. 

November - Saturday 25th Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

December - Saturday 9th Kids All Levels - 8.30am. 

December - Saturday 9th Adult levels 4,5 & 6 - 12.45pm.

Accelerated Training Session 2017

Butterfly Swords - Sunday 19th November  8.30am.


Butterfly Swords - How to apply the concepts and strategies of Wing Chun.  We will be looking at strategy, principles and application in relation to Butterfly swords,  We will also address application against long and short weapons single and double handed. 

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2016 Kung Fu China Training Tour 


October 19 to November 1, 2016

Zhengzhou, Shaolin Temple (Dengfeng) 
4 night Yangtze River Cruise
Hangzhou (West Lake)
Hong Kong

Tour Highlights: 
Train at the legendary Shaolin Temple.
Climb Mount Songshan to visit Bodhidharma’s Dharma Cave.
Train Wing Chun with Grandmaster William Cheung and a selection of his instructors and students from around the world.
Cruise for 4 nights down the beautiful Yangtze River and rehearse to perform a kung fu demonstration on the cruise boat.
Visit the beautiful city of Hangzhou world famous for its tea and scenery.
Tour Yip Man’s birthplace of Foshan and visit his commemorative museum. In Foshan participate in a Ceremonial acceptance into the Traditional Wing Chun Family.
Pay your respects at the grave of Yip Man in Hong Kong. 
Visit Hong Kong harbour and the Bruce Lee statue.

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