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Wing Chun Kung Fu Assessment Dates 2018

February - Saturday 24th Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

March - Saturday 10th Kids all levels - 8.30am.

March - Saturday 17th Adult levels 7,8,9 - 12.45pm.

March - Saturday 24th Adult levels 4,5,6 - 12.45pm.

April - Saturday 28th Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

June - Saturday 16th Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

July - Saturday 28th Adult levels 4,5,6 - 12.45pm.

August - Saturday 4th Kids all levels - 8.30am.

September - Saturday 8th Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

September - Saturday 15th Adult levels 7,8,9 - 12.45pm.

November -  Saturday 10th Kids all levels - 8.30am.

November - Saturday 24th Adult levels 4,5,6 - 12.45pm.

December - Saturday 1st Adult levels 1,2,3 - 12.45pm.

Accelerated Training Session 2018

May - Sunday 20th

October - Sunday 28th

2018 Kung Fu China Training Tour 


August 18 to 29, 2018  (Click for full Itinerary pdf)

Beijing > Inner Mongolia > Zhengzhou > Shaolin Temple (Dengfeng) > Hong Kong

(optional extra 3 nights in Hong Kong August 29 to 31 inclusive)

Tour Highlights:

  • Visit the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in beautiful, historic Beijing
  •  Experience the splendor of the Great Wall
  • Travel to Inner Mongolia, stay in a traditional yurt (Mongolian tent) on the grasslands, watch Mongolian wrestling, horse racing, and take a camel ride in the sand dunes of Kubuqi
  • Visit the Ghengis Khan Museum in Hohhot
  • Train at the legendary Shaolin Temple
  • Climb Mount Songshan to visit Bodhidharma’s Dharma Cave
  • Train Wing Chun with Master Andrew Cheung, son of Grandmaster William
  • Cheung, and a selection of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu instructors and
  • students from around the world
  • As an optional extra, spend 3 nights in Hong Kong and pay your respects at the grave of Yip Man. Visit the Bruce Lee statue at Hong Kong harbour.

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