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The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness.  These elements transcend you to a higher level of life.  Self awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life for every martial artist.  Meditate on these principles and make peace with your study of Kung Fu a way of life.

The Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association was founded by Dr William Cheung, Grandmaster of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.  The aim of the GTWCKFA is to unite Wing Chun schools around the world to strengthen the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and to provide accredited Instructors with a central database for the purpose of keeping up to date with events and seminars, registering students, and keeping in touch with other Instructors.


To preserve the legacy of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu and to assist in the training, development and promotion of its members, franchises and interests.  


The Global Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Association: The preeminent voice and acknowledged leader for Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu practitioners worldwide.

History and Purpose

The GTWCKFA is focused on providing you, our valued members, with the benefits, the tools and the resources to take your training and martial arts to the next level.  Becoming a GTWCKFA member means that you can tap into the power of an already established community of successful martial artists.

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