Kwoon (School) Etiquette

Wing Chun Kung Fu Studio Brisbane Queensland

Kwoon (School) etiquette and code of conduct

  • When entering and leaving the kwoon you should courtesy towards the mat. This shows your respect to the founder of the system and all those who have come before you.  Mobile Phones should be switched OFF, shoes should be removed.
  • Your instructors (Si-fu Paul and Si-fu Di) should be referred to as Si-fu at all times. 
  • When late for class courtesy to the instructor on the floor and then kneel at the side of the training area (so that you can be seen). When the instructor or senior student taking warm up asks acknowledges you and asks you to the join the class, stand, courtesy and quickly join the back of the class.
  • Always listen and stand quietly when your instructor is giving you direction.  Before starting or resuming your training courtesy to your instructor to acknowledge that you understand.
  • At the start and end of each drill courtesy to your training partner.
  • Sparring should not be practiced without an instructor present.
  • It is not acceptable to use foul language in the Kwoon.
  • Personal hygiene should be of a high standard due to the close contact needed in your training.  Your uniform must be washed, clean and neat when arriving at training.
  • Long fingernails and toenails can be a safety issue.  Nails must be kept short or covered with sport tape.
  • Jewellery is also a safety issue and all jewellery should be removed or covered with sport tape before training.
  • Chewing gum and smoking is not permitted in the kwoon. 
  • Eating is only permitted in the kitchen area.
  • The Kwoon should be treated with respect at all times.  Keep the Kwoon clean and safe, place all rubbish in the bins provided and store all equipment after use.
  • All bags and personal items must be stored in the changing rooms during class.  Only drink bottles, towels and training equipment should be at the edge of the matting.
  • The Kung Fu Studio promotes health and wellbeing and as such does not permit students to train under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  
  • Children must be kept under control and supervised at all times.  This is for the safety of both students and the children.
  • All instructors, students and visitors of the Kung Fu Studio are bound by the Kung Fu Studio code of conduct and ethics.  A full copy is available at the reception desk.

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